Customer T&Cs

Dear clients
Welcome to Brandnew Award Online
(hereinafter referred to as "BAO")

In order to protect your rights as much as possible and to confirm the contractual relationship between BAO and you, all users who
apply for the Brandnew Award Online Service (hereinafter referred to as "the Service") should read the following Terms of Service in
detail:BAO T&Cs

A. Customer service and rights and obligations

1. BAO  ( is a virtual sales channel built by BAO,
and all other possible future derivatives, using the channels of BAO's cash flow, logistics ,and information flow. 
2. BAO mainly provides you with the following services
(1) Merchandise sales and distribution services include: 
• From Monday to Friday (except national holidays), customer service staff will be online during working hours (Am9:00-Pm6:00).
• Virtual channel merchandise pickup and return service.
•  After the products shipped by BAO which is confirmed with you, we will carry out custom processing such as surface engraving, sandblasting and adhesive imprinting. It is an exclusive customized product, according to the Consumer Protection Act , the products are not applicable to the try-it-out seven-day rule,so not caused by non-processing or distribution process failure, products will not accept returns or refunds.
•  Multiple payment methods such as transactions, credit cards, and virtual accounts.
• Purchase discount.
(2) Provide varacious marketing information 
(3) Your relevant right notification, including but not limited to product trials, sweepstakes, service satisfaction surveys
or other future new member services.
(4) BAO has the right to add, modify or terminate the above-related services according to the actual situation.
3. Please read all the terms and conditions before register on BAO.
4. If you are under the age of 20, according to our national law, you must ask your legal representative to agree to all the
contents of the Terms of Service before you register. When you use services provided by BAO shopping platform, you will be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to all the contents of T&Cs.
5. If you violate the law and fail to follow the agreement of both parties or malicious abuse of service rights, BAO reserves the
ight to terminate your account services.
6. BAO reserves the right to modify the terms in the future. We will notify you through email, phone, catalog, the communication network, internet announcement or through other appropriate methods.
7. BAO can provide you with the necessary information in order to keep you informed. If there is any adjustment in your contact information, you should log in to the website or contact us to update the information. If the information is unacceptable due to your data error, expiration or other reasons that are not caused by BAO, we will take it as BAO has completed the delivery, and it will be borne by customers.

B. Account and password safety 

1. If you register as BAO's member, the account is the ID number or email and must be filled out in detail. The above-registered account number and password cannot be double-registered. You must fill in the correct personal information when you register.
If you find any false login, BAO may suspend or terminate your customer qualification. If there is any violation of the relevant laws
in Taiwan, it will be investigated according to law.
2. You should keep your password safe. You can't disclose it or provide it to others. If you use the service with the same account and password, you will be considered as your own behavior and you need to be responsible for it.
3. If you suspect a third person using your account or password, you should immediately inform us and we will take necessary precautions. However, your legal liability with the law is not  avoided as you contact us.

C. Customer transaction

1. The name, price, content, specifications, model and other relevant information presented on the trading page is part of the contract between you and BAO.
2. You agree to place an order based on the confirmed quantity and price provided by BAO. However, BAO still reserves the right
to make the final decision.
3. After the contract is established you have the right to terminate the contract in Article 19, paragraph 1, of the consumer protection.
 If needed, please go to shopping Q&A  " Return & Refund" in member center.

D. Return instructions

1. Out of stocks:
(1). If the customized products are out of stock, we will notify you as soon as possible, you can choose to exchange, refund
or reserve the order.
(2). If you choose to refund on credit card, we will refund the money directly to your credit card. If you pay by ATM, we will transfer the money directly to your account.
2. Exchange and return :
Due to the items are customized, you are not required to return. However, if the products are defective (non-human),  inconsistent, delivery mistake, or shipping damaged, please contact us within 2 days after receiving the products. We will arrange to send back to you.

E. Payment related interest

BAO offers a variety of payment methods for you. For details, please refer to the "Description of Payment Methods" in the member center of our website.

F. Privacy protection

1. Privacy statement policy
We will protect your privacy when you register or use the service on the platform.
2. The data record is time-sensitive
When you use the service, all the data records are subject to the information service database. If there is any dispute, the electronic data recorded in the service database is used as the identification standard. However, if you can be proved to be true, it is out of this standard.

G. Intellectual property rights

The software or programs used on the websites and related channels, including but not limited to works, pictures, files, information, materials, website structure, website layout, and web design, all has its intellectual property rights , including but not limited to trademark rights, patents, copyrights, trade secrets and know-how.
No one is allowed to use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, modify, distribute, distribute, publish, perform a restoration project, decompile, or reversely translate. If you wish to cite or reprint the aforementioned software, program or website content, please be sure you get agreement to those who own it. In case of violation, you shall be liable for BAO.

H. Service paused

BAO maintains the normal operation of the Service in a manner and technology that is generally considered reasonable.
However, under certain circumstances, we will suspend all or part of the Service and shall not be liable for any compensation for
any direct or indirect damages to the User:
1. When relocating, replacing, upgrading, maintaining or repairing the software and hardware related equipment of this service
2. Users have the violation of government regulations or Terms of Use.
3. Service malfunction or interrupted by natural disasters or other factors.
4. Other causes that cannot be attributed to business.
5. If the information displayed by BAO is not correct, or the information is incorrectly displayed, falsified, altered, deleted or retrieved, or the system is interrupted or fail to function properly.

I. The validity, interpretation, problem consultation, and applicable law of this article.

1. In terms of this contract, when all or part is invalid, it does not affect the validity of other agreements.
2. If there is any concern for the terms of this contract, it will be an explanation which benefits you.
3. If you have questions about service, please email our member relationships.
4. Your relationship with our rights and obligations shall be based on the rules of the Internet and the interpretation of the laws from Taiwan rules and practices. If any of BAO's statements and terms are not perfect, we will discuss the solution with the
utmost sincerity and the principle of honesty, credit, and equality.
5. Any dispute arising from this platform shall be resolved by negotiation first. If they fail to resolve, both parties should agree
that the court of first will be the court.
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