Privacy Policy

In order to provide you with an assured online shopping environment and the importance of your privacy, a privacy protection policy has been established. The content of the privacy including how we manage the personal data,  when you use the services of this website, the transaction information when shopping online, and so on. The privacy policy only applies to Brandnew Awards nor to those who are not employed or managed by the Company. I wish you a happy shopping experience.

■Acquisition of personal data

When you register as a member, we collect your name, ID number, email address, contact number, address, date of birth, gender, etc. for the distribution of goods, customer management and services, marketing and Others need to meet the business requirements of the business registration project or the charter, and automatically bring out your personal information when you shop, eliminating the hassle of repeating the information.

■Operations on personal information 

The information you register on this website is only for the use of the related services provided by the website. Except that it is required by relevant laws, we will not provide your information for others.
We may provide your information to agents, contractors,
service providers who provide online payment certification or other related services, and partners.
(For example, PayPal, Hitrust, each acquiring bank, various payment service providers, logistics providers, various certification service providers, eBay, and other trading platforms that company cooperates with.)

When you apply for online payment service, the service provider/PayPal may collect information from you (such as a credit card number) for the purpose of providing online payment services.

The company may also collect data about you in order to provide services and statistics to merchants or partners.

■Data security

Our database has information security such as firewall and anti-virus software to
protect your private data, including operating procedures, technical aspects, and staff training.

■Modification of personal data

When you note that your profile is incorrect or your profile has changed, you can use your ID and password to change any information you enter (name, address, phone number, email, etc.).
However, history service, recipient information, payment information, etc. are not included.

■IP Address & Cookie

This website will automatically receive and record the value of your server on the browser, including the IP Address, and the information in your cookie.
These materials are used to improve your advertising and web content, also to fulfill your requirements for a product, or to inform you of the new event.

■The exception of Privacy protection policy

We may provide your personal information to government agencies, others or companies in the following circumstances:
1. We have gotten your agreement before providing the information.
2. Personal information must be provided to other people or companies in order to complete the services or products you request.
3. The company are asked to provide you data according to authority concerns.
4. We have found that you violate T&Cs or has criminal suspects, the investigation will be needed.

■Right to adjust the privacy protection

We will make appropriate changes to the privacy protection
based on the development of technology, revision of relevant
regulations or other environmental changes, in order to implement the concept of protecting user's privacy.

■Personal interest announcement

According to Article 8 of the Capital Law, when collecting personal data, the followings  should be clearly stated:
1. Your personal information is provided to Brandnew Awards Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company)
2. The collection of your personal data is needed for the delivery, customer management and services, marketing and other business marketing.
3. The collection of your personal data by the company contains information sufficient to identify individuals/financial (such as name, phone number, credit card number, etc.) and characteristics (date of birth).
4. Regarding your personal data, we use it in Taiwan on the services such as shipping or the return of goods.

During the use of your personal data, the company will provide you with relevant services (including but not limited to transaction inquiries, returns, and after-sales services, etc.), which will be used during the operation period and subject to the retention period specified by the law (ex .Business Accounting Law) 
5. However, when you request to delete personal data, the company will first freeze the data and order records and prohibit employees from collecting, processing, and utilizing the information for marketing purposes. It must be deleted according to  the expiration of the retention period specified in the law.
6. You have the right to :
(1) Ask for the request or read
(2) Request for copy
(3) Request to modify
(4) Request to stop collecting, processing or using.
(5) Request to delete
However, if you request to read personal data or make a copy, you should be charged NT$60 per piece.
7. You are free to decide whether to provide your personal information to the company or not. However, if you refuse to  provide your ID number, you will not be able to participate in the related marketing activities; if you are unable to provide your birthday, you will not be able to receive a gift from us.


■Delete personal account data service

You can inquire, view and modify the personal shopping account information on this website at any time.
If you want to delete your account, please contact us by e-mail :
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