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Brandnew Award Online / Dongtz Int'l Events & Services

Brandnew Award Online is the online brand of Brandnew Award Co., Ltd, which established in 1985. We have been in business for more than 30 years and dedicated in trophy, plaque, and medal product and to expanding our product design and production capabilities and providing online consumer service (Online Trophy Shop).
At the same time, we provide a full range of professional business events and services (Events & Services)  and we have made the following optimizations in the past decade:
In 2009, the official website was established: www.brandnew.com.tw, ​​which has become the most amazing internet channel provider for the industry of trophy and medal gift product.

In 2010, the Design Department was established to strengthen the design and production, providing customers with graphic design and services.

In 2011,  we held a program with the Taipei City Government Industry Development Bureau. We introduce the "Packaging Green Miracle" product packaging improvement, which combined with the company CI to propose green packaging for corporate identification products.

In 2012, we introduced 3D drawing design to provide customers with better products and design services. Also, we combined with graphic design to integrate to establish the "design and marketing department".

In 2014, from 3D drawing design, we provided advanced simulation services for events such as groundbreaking ceremony. With professional architectural design, we preview the rendering animation of the venue first and provide customers with better quality and execution services.

In 2015, in response to the trend of mobile business, in order to reduce consumer communication and procurement cost, we received support from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and combined with the Industrial Technology Research Institute to optimise our website.The official website has been revised to provide cross-border e-Commerce and online to offline (O2O) services for consumer to customize products and trophy, medal sales, through service process and professional planning, we provide further internet direct purchase service.

In 2018, in order to serve more extensive clients and to provide more professional creative proposal and event venue services, we established Dongtz Int'l Events & Services. Also in the year, we introduced boutique trophies from UK, to give a new vision of the award market.

In 2019, introduced Spainish oversized Royal Cup, which was designated by Audi and Porsche. The appointment of the European boutique trophy once again shocked the Taiwan market and brought consumers a brandnew top choice!

In 2020, Brandnew Award Online revision. And at the end of the year, the Glocalisation version Trophy  Made in Internet (English interface) was introduced in order to provide consumers from all over the world with high-quality and distinctive trophies, plaques and medals .

In 2021, Brandnew Award Online was awarded the 16th Golden Torch Award--Corporation of the Year. 

In 2022, At the beginning of the Brandnew Year, the Simplified Chinese Version Worldwide trophy • Order online has been announced, to provide 1.4 billion Chinese consumers with worldwide trophies, plaques and medals .
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